So finally by the beginning of the year 2012 I decided to become a vegetarian. (I know my vegan-sister is very proud of me 😉 )

I’ve been experimenting with being a lacto/ovo-vegetarian (=supplementing with milk and eggs) for about 1 month now and I feel good about it! Actually I don’t prepare meals with eggs, I only eat this when other make food that contains eggs for me, I don’t really need it (other than that I feel terribly bad thinking about what an egg actually, where it comes from, and most of all how especially the chickens kept in cages are treated), so I might become a lacto-vegetarian, or even a vegan!

As time is passing I become more and more conscious about what veganism and vegetarianism is.
In fact it’s not just about not eating meat (and animalistic foods)
it’s a lifestyle, it has brought people together, created communities and hereby the opportunity to share recipes on great veggie food.
And it has spread awareness of how horribly bad animals are being treated just to satisfy our greedy (and vicious) needs.

HOWEVER quite a lot carnivores I know don’t give this any thought at all.
Some people are not even aware of HOW the animals are treated, other (most of the carnivores) choose to close their eyes.

The funny but tragic thing I have experienced so far is that if carnivores have been watching a film showing this brutal reality, quite a lot of them actually stop eating meat for a period of time because they are so disgusted. This I think is incredibly, for it proves that most of us modern humanbeings are not of a mind strong enough to handle this, and we should therefore not accept this.
The negative thing, though, is that when some time has gone by the ‘ex’-carnivores forget, close their eyes, and start eating meat again.

Here are some facts about vegetarianism, in Danish.

And Values Driven Vegetarian, in English


That there are times when I really feel like eating meat, for example sometimes when I get drunk I feel like eating meat.
This is not only a thing that I’ve experinced happening to myself, but also to other people who are former carnivores and now vegetarians or vegans.
And I really wonder what the reason for this sudden desire or need that sometimes get to us.
Is it because our body feels a lack of something, when you stop eating meat or is it all in your mind?

I know that meat contains certain vitamins that are needed for the human body, but these are, as far as I know, not vitamins that we’re not able to get from other sources than meat.
For instance I started on dietary supplement when I became a vegetarian (contains a lot of vitamin – B12, iron etc.) I eat yogurt every morning, add cheese in my sandwich and milk in my coffee.

On one hand my mind and senses often want meat when it’s in connection to fastfood.
On the other hand I’m pretty sure that it’s not actually the meat I want, but the taste of something barbecued. The thing is that far most of the fastfood places you go to by the end of a good night out, prepares food with meat.
It would be amazing if it was possible to get soya products in your fastfood :b


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