Some time ago my wonderful fellow flatmate with and eager to share her experiences and knowledge introduced me to the story:

“Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse

For anbybody who didn’t read this story, please do! At first I was very sceptical myself, because I thought it was just another cliche, and maybe it is, but during and after reading this story I somehow felt that a bunch of wise words had been given to me, the easy yet difficult part now is to think, interpret and act in your own perception of how your life should grow and evolve from now on.

Suddenly the horribly cliche’ish sentence “seize the day” came to me, and yeah it’s a total cliche, but seriously, maybe one should consider just doing this every day. To love the moment of all the fresh yet old surroundings, events, senses, perceptions, all these gifts and curses that we are given, taking, that we are giving to others, these surroundings that we are living in, these events we are experiencing, living through.



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